To dig or not to dig?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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To dig or not to dig?

Postby Karldtesch » Sun 28 Dec, 2008 23:32

I notice major water loss during the summer of my in-ground gunite pool. I found a good bit of standing water and very green grass near the shallow end of pool just beyond the concrete border.

When I ran the filter, the standing water increased in the yard and the pool water level dropped. Dye test showed no leaks from intakes, returns, or light.

I investigated further and found, and heard, gurgling water under the deck. Pulled up some planks and found major water runoff. Turned on the pump and watched - sure enough - a major water gush.

I removed enough deck boards to get down below the wood deck next to concrete pool; I dug in under the concrete to find very loose clay / sand and followed a semi-hollowed out tunnel narrowing toward gurgling sound of water, and I could smell chlorine.

Using a flashlight, I located a busted 1.5 to 2 inch PVC pipe 45; however, it is about 5 feet in under the concrete - about three or four feet from the pool. Should I dig out more to get down enough to fix & repair the pipe or cut through (jackhammer) the top of the concrete directly above the break and fix & repair the PVC pipe there?

If so, either way, how do I go about repairing the repair job - as far as replacing dirt or some other material under the concrete where I dug it out around the broken pipe. Or, if I remove concrete, how do I patch it and with what?

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Postby lonestar » Thu 29 Jan, 2009 11:20

Full disclosure: Ive dug next to a pool 4 feet down once and have fixed a leaking underground pipe only once which was found by leak detection professionals. If you know where the leak is i think you can fix it yourself.

Under no circumstances would I cut out the concrete in the pool. You will never get the plaster to match. I take that back, if you were about to replaster I might consider doing it that way.

Digging down and replacing a small section of pipe with two couplers would be appropriate. Ide probably leave the hole for a day or two to make sure the pipe isnt leaking after its done. Then fill it all back in.

Lastly, I would talk to the pool store people first (buy your fittings there and strike up a conversation) about any potential problems with your plan.

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