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john cornwall

draining pool

Postby john cornwall » Wed 31 Dec, 2008 04:27

i have an infinity edge pool no drain 3 years old , should i pump out water and renew water after 3 years or is ok

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Swimming Pool Wizard
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Postby Pooltech32 » Wed 14 Jan, 2009 20:14

Pools should omly be drained if they are either public pools or you are doing some repairs, residential pools don't really need to be drained
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Postby lonestar » Wed 28 Jan, 2009 11:08

You should only drain if certain parameters get so far above normal that dilution is not a good idea. Calcium hardness, TDS and CYA cannot be lowered through chemicals so in certain areas draining or dilution is required.

It cannot be overstated that draining can be very risky depending on where you live. If the water table is just beneath the surface, the water could lift your empty pool out of the ground (like a ship in water.) Houston for example has water just a few feet down. In the hill country of Austin this is usually not a concern, but its best to ask professionals in your area. There are likely other factors associated with draining pools that are regional and blanket advice from the internet may be risky.

The safe thing to do is drain 1/3 of the pool at a time and fill with fresh water.

Note that if you do drain or dilute your pool, it is necessary to adjust the chemicals soon after as your saturation index could be extremely acidic or basic - leading to large problems just a few days after the fill.


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