HELP! Filter problem

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HELP! Filter problem

Postby westcheste » Mon 22 May, 2006 09:37

I have a hayward s-200 filter for my in-ground pool. I just opened up the pool for the summer and the 2 problems I have are...

First, I hear gurgling in the filter, what is this? Second, the first jet is shooting out a mixture of air and water, how can I correct this? the eye on the jet has become very large from the use over the years. If I replace it, would that help?

Also, this morning when I checked the pool there where bubbles over the whole top?!?


same problem

Postby Smithmmm » Wed 07 Jun, 2006 10:35

I have the exact same problem as you mentioned in your post! I was wondering if you discovered a solution. I have low pressure and gurgling in the filter and the pool is cloudy, doesn't seem to be filtering properly.

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