Need Help with Pool Valet system or floor jets.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Need Help with Pool Valet system or floor jets.

Postby jimmythefish » Mon 22 May, 2006 21:41

I just changed my filter from a cartridge to a sand filter I got a pentair tagelus 60/DE this filter is much bigger than the previous one, it has better flow, now my pool is around 14000 to 16000 gallons that is a rough calculation I really don't know the pool was already built when i got the house, but a pool maintnance guy told me the size with some formula, once I changed the filter my pool valet doesn't work properly it doesn't cycle anymore, you turn the pump on and one jet gets stuck then you turn it off and on again and the next one comes on and gets stuck again, pressure gauge reads around the same pressure as with the other filter, what its wrong with it and how can I fix it?

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