Too much chlorine???

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Too much chlorine???

Postby steq184 » Tue 23 May, 2006 01:36

Am using a Waterway In-line auto chlorinator, just drop the tabs in and adjust the dial and away you go.......NOT.
Now find that the chlorine level is sky high, have now turned the dial to off but the readings dont go down, the dial was only on number 1 to start with. Have got chlorine reducer but thought the level would drop by itself now have turned to off, have left the bubble cover on to keep my expensive heat in, would this slow the reducing? Also we're only using the pool a couple of times a week.
Have been told to only put a few tabs in the chlorinator but surely this defeats the idea of filling it up and turning on the dial for so called trouble free chlorination.
Any ideas?

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