antifreeze in a pool? how much?

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new renter

antifreeze in a pool? how much?

Postby new renter » Tue 13 Jan, 2009 09:05

I've leased a house with a pool. In northern Ala. the temp. will drop to single digit numbers later this week. I read that antifreeze can be added to the pool to prevent freezing. Is this a good idea ( I'm thinking about what effect can take place with the drained water) and if so, how much antifreeze in a 4'deep pool 14'X18'.

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Postby chem geek » Tue 13 Jan, 2009 12:06

Anti-freeze is used to add to the pipes that are then capped to prevent freezing in them, but it is never added to bulk pool water. You simply cannot add enough to be effective without turning your pool into anti-freeze which is not a good idea. Remember how much anti-freeze it takes in your car's radiator to prevent freezing. Even the amount of salt in ocean water only depresses it's freezing point by about 3-1/2 degrees Fahrenheit (2C).

Generally, you lower the water level below the skimmers and returns and you can also use empty water bottles (especially in the skimmer if you don't lower the water level for whatever reason) to provide air space that the ice can expand into. See this link for closing an above ground pool and this link for closing an in-ground pool.


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