removing a quikclean ll step pop up

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Norm S

removing a quikclean ll step pop up

Postby Norm S » Thu 15 Jan, 2009 14:21

Problem - I have a 10 year old Shasta lap style pool and spa. The "quikclean ll step" pop up on the step of the spa is spraying about 2-3 feet in the air when it first goes through the initial cycle after pool being turned on.

I have the tool to remove the pop up. I normally turn it counter clockwise to remove it. It turns clockwise but doesn't come out. I've tried to:

1- pull it out by hand but won't come out. The pop up will come up and I can turn it but won't come out.

2- Left it in the counter clockwise position and turned on the pool but would not come out of the pool surface when cycle goes through that cycle.

Need help - Thank you.

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