Plumbing/pump question

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Plumbing/pump question

Postby MikeyC » Fri 16 Jan, 2009 17:57

Hi guys, I have a couple questions about proper set up of pumps for a pool/spa/water feature system. Long story short we are no longer working with the original pool remodeler, I am a general contractor and going to finish the job because I have more time than money (its my house BTW)

We have a 19000 gallon pool (16x32x5) with 1000 gallon spa (7x7x2.5) which spills into the pool and a single waterfall feature. As its plumbed now the pool has a single skimmer split to the main drain line, a vaccum line and a return line.

The spa has a main drain line, a return line, two jet lines each independent with individual air lines.

The water fall has a seperate intake line plumbed out of the pool.

I am under the impression that its currently plumbed to use four pumps if we want to have totally independent use.

The line has been pressure tested and I am clear to shoot and install the waterfall structure. Before I do that I just want to make sure all the plumbing is squared away. I also wanted to know what size motors and filter you think suits this system. Lastly I am running the electrical and have decided to run a subpanel. Any thoughts?


Re: Plumbing/pump question

Postby Me... » Thu 26 Feb, 2009 08:05

Double pool Main Drains directly back to equipment room. Same with the spa. Bring the skimmers all back separately too. Get rid of the separate vac line unless you have a desire to use it as a pressure side vac cleaner line. The waterfall line can be tee'd off after the filter unless there is a HUGE flow consideration so you can dump that lone too. 1 pump will do it all if you use one of the new programmable variable speed pumps like the Pentair Intelliflow. Of course the plumbing has to be correctly sized and arranged. 2 pumps if you want a separate jet pump.

Now to see if you already have it poured .................

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