Above Ground Pool Liner "shelf life"

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Above Ground Pool Liner "shelf life"

Postby Pool rob » Thu 29 Jan, 2009 13:05

I have been offered a new liner for my 27' above ground pool. It was new in the box last season, they opened the box, spread it out and realized it was too big for his 24' pool. They immediatley re-boxed it and it has been stored in the basement out of the sun since. Should I be scared to use this liner?

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I'm new here
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Above Ground Pool Liner "shelf life"

Postby aquamom » Thu 05 Mar, 2009 15:24

Since it was only one season, it should be fine. Do you know if the basement is temperature controled? Like any kind of material, if exposed to high/low temps for a long time it can become weaker/brittle.

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