pool cover fell in- water gone! what to do

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pool cover fell in- water gone! what to do

Postby normaj » Sun 01 Feb, 2009 09:08

pool cover fell in due to no water- was professionally closed
could they have made an error? pool was not losing water before closing.
How would I be able to tell if pool company erred?
what do we meed to do to prevent further damage?

Pool Care Proficient
Pool Care Proficient
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Postby lonestar » Sun 01 Feb, 2009 10:47

I am completely ignorant on closing practices for freezing climates.

My best guess is either:

a) you have a major pool leak
b) the company drained it

What area of the country do you live in?

Call 3 pool stores and ask to talk to the manager. Call the pool company (youve done this i guess.)

NOTE: if you are in an area where ground water stays just a few feet beneath the surface you may need to refill it immediately.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby norma » Sun 01 Feb, 2009 10:58

live in massachusetts- good suggestion to call 3 pool companies and ask for manager-thanks

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