pH test color change

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pH test color change

Postby gchr » Tue 23 May, 2006 13:44


I have the following problem.
I've just opened my pool and when I'm testing the water I get some strange results:
The water is overchlorinated
The pH test color is yellowish, ie under 6.8 but if I leave the test tubes for a while, after ~8 minutes the color gets a gray tone and after ~15 minutes it's purple. That's above 8.2!!!
I'm confused. Which is the correct pH value?

Any ideas?

Pool obsessed

In The Same Boat...

Postby Pool obsessed » Sun 30 Jul, 2006 02:28

I have the same problem :( I've been working with a pool so green for 3 wks I just don't know what else to do. Today I inadvertantly left the test out for 5 mins instead of immediately dumping it after the fine result of 7.2. The Ph result was over 8.... such a pretty purple :shock: There's so much Chlorine in the pool it's not funny & the algae isn't dying. I have only a simple pool, 4600 gal Intex. I ran the filter for wks, test it 5 x's a day, shock it, pray over it...only to find very little algae in the filter. Went out, bought a new filter {thinking the filter was the problem} and same result, it's taking out very little of the algae. So yesterday I added flocculent and am going to shut the filter off. Maybe, just maybe most of it will sink to the bottom I can then go out and rent a vacuum to suck up the heavy algae then deal with the remaining floating algae. * sigh * :cry:

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