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Rust on pool wall

Postby Qman » Tue 23 May, 2006 13:47

I recently purchased a home with a 24 foot round 48" above ground pool. I opened the pool a week or so ago and noticed that right below the return hose there was some rust and a small hole in the wall. I can see the liner from the outside of the pool. There is a slight leak coming from that area. I checked the liner and I cannot see a hole. I even patched that area. I replaced the hose connector on the side of the pool wall and the leak is less, but it is still leaking. I think it is because of the rusted area. The side wall is not thick enough. Is there a way to fix the rusted area without having to replace the pool wall.


Postby Guest » Sat 27 May, 2006 08:51

I'm thinking that the original leak was the gasket for the return line, starting the corrosion.

I have patched small holes in a wall - using fiberglass mesh and Bondo from Autozone. It really depends on how badly the wall has deteriated. You have to drop the liner to do it from the inside.

How old is the liner ? If its too old then once you start messing with it - it may have to be replaced.

Postby Guest » Mon 05 Jun, 2006 15:22

TOO FUNNY...I have the same problem.

I am nervous of a burst, as it seems mine was probably leaking for about 5 years before it finally rusted through in some spots.

The problem with mine was the brainiacs who installed our pool (before I bought the house...pool was there already) cut the liner too large around the inlet gasket, and water has been getting between.

There are now several small "rust holes" where water has been leaking out.

I drained the pool, cut a repair liner in a 8" diameter circle, and glued it on to make the hole smaller. I then went to the plumbing outlet, and bought an oversizzed washer, used a bit of silicone, and the leak stopped.

Now, however, I am afraid the wall has been compromised from rusting internally. Anyone think about a burst on this pool?

I searched the web and found this forum. I am also expecting a pool guy to come to my house at 5:15 today to assess the wall.

I will take pics and let you all know tomorrow what is going on with it.

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