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pool leak

Postby joe911 » Wed 04 Feb, 2009 21:06

i just looked at my 24 round pool and it has ahuge hole on the side wall the winter cover is still on and the pool is frozen the water is slighly below the hole but im scared once the water thaws out im going to have major problems what do i do todays date is feb 4 2009 and im in ny

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Postby lonestar » Thu 05 Feb, 2009 15:28

They make patch kits. Im skeptical if it will work on a "huge hole."

Pool leak

Postby Guest » Wed 25 Mar, 2009 12:28

Sometimes you can patch from the inside and outside to make a good strong repair to a large hole or tear.
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Pool leak

Postby XtremelyTropical » Thu 26 Mar, 2009 10:20

I would start by patching it now while the water is still low and frozen that way when the water starts to thaw and rise to may be able to stop a bigger problem. But I agree that patching it inside and out would be ideal.
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