chemical stress

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Stuart Brown

chemical stress

Postby Stuart Brown » Thu 12 Feb, 2009 11:08

I clean my freinds pool twice a week but over the last month or two the water would have a green tinge to it and floor and walls (vynil liner) had green dust (algea) film on them.
I gave it a good shock treatment with di-clore granular chlorine and brushed, back washed, run pump for 24 hours and changed bag filter on two occassions. Now every time I check ph and chlorine levels with the twin tube tester with sample water taken from pool and drops added, the chlorine is orange and the ph goes red (8.5 or more). I keep adding sodium bisulfate in large quantities (also granular form) but cannot get the ph down to its correct level. The sodium bisulfate has a yellow tint to it as the bag is two years old, is this normal colour ?.
The pool also has a strong smell of chlorine.
It is also a below ground pool.
What would you suggest ?
Many thanks,
Stuart (Cyprus)

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Re: chemical stress

Postby Larry » Wed 25 Feb, 2009 12:04

You need to get the pH down to the 7.2 - 7.4 range. Sodium bisulfate is typically either light yellow or pale grey depending on the manufacturer. It is unlikely that it has lost its properties despite its age.

The chlorine smell is a result of combined chlorine and usually indicates too little free chlorine! Read this for more information about chlorine levels and the smell of chlorine. Using dichlor for shock treating pools is never advised (except when filling a new pool). Try to find calcium hypochlorite or liquid chlorine and use this for the next few months at least.

Can you get the cyanuric acid level tested by your local pool store? That reading will give us some clues as to why the pool water is going green in the cooler winter months.

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