loosing water from pump basket

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loosing water from pump basket

Postby maida519 » Sun 15 Feb, 2009 14:49

I am loosing water in my pump basket. Does the hose from the skimmer need to be level with the pump basket/motor? My husband has PVC pipe going straight from the skimmer then up then across to the pump basket. Thanks.,


Postby Rayden » Tue 17 Feb, 2009 13:31

It is sometimes necessary to install a non-return valve just before your pump in such a situation.
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Pump basket loosing water.

Postby ChuckGeo » Thu 19 Feb, 2009 07:56

A little more info is necessary to help diagnose your problem. Does the water leave the pump basket when the pump is off or when it's running?
If the basket (strainer pot) empties when the pump is off there is an air leak somewhere in the pump/filter plumbing. It could be a leaking pump lid or a small leak somewhere in your filter pad plumbing. Make sure everything is tight above ground - no water leaks when the pump is on.
If the strainer pot fails to fill when the pump is on, you might have a clog in the suction line or an air leak on he suction side of the system. Check the pump lid - if water squirts out around the edge of it when you turn the pump off, it will draw air when it's on. Lube, or replace, the pump lid gasket. Another area to check is the threaded fitting that goes in the front of the pump, it will also produce water when the pump is turned off if it is leaking, and draw air when the pump is on causing the pot to fill with air.

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