Dead bird in skimmer box

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Dead bird in skimmer box

Postby stipic » Wed 18 Feb, 2009 07:50

:( I found a dead bird in my skimmer box today and have no idea how long it was there but buy the smell, i think it might have been there for a while.

My pool is very low maintainance with salt clorinator and in floor cleaning, i only check the skimmer and back flush maybe once a month if i'm lucky.

All the ph and chlorine levels are right with an average temreture of 30C (86F)

will I need to treat the water? :shock:

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Re: Dead bird in skimmer box

Postby Larry » Tue 24 Feb, 2009 12:32

I recommend a shock treatment to be on the safe side.

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