Non filtered and non circulating pool (help needed)

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Non filtered and non circulating pool (help needed)

Postby mjfenwick » Mon 23 Feb, 2009 03:48

:( i live in the philippines and have a 18000 gallon below ground pool.i have free flowing water and drain into the ocean so i dont use any electricity to fill or drain the pool.usually i can use the pool for about 5 days before the algie takes over without using any chemicals.this was not a problem as the pool drains in about 2 hrs and fills in about 2 days (just like a bathtub). however recently i removed a large tree that provided shade and thus slowed down the algie that my shade is gone i need to replace the water more frequently.what can i do to combate the algie problem.i know chlorine can be used but without a circulation pump will this still work.any suggestions would be new trees have allready been planted!lol.


Postby Me... » Mon 23 Feb, 2009 06:32

A lot of pool Algae problems are due to poor circulation. That 1ppm-2ppm simply isn't distributed into many areas of the pool in time for there to be any chlorine left. This is where an Algaecide can be handy as it doesn't get used up like chlorine does.

You have no circulation other than the approximately 6gpm that flows through. Even if you put a pump and a couple of hoses into the pool it couldn't distribute any chemical fast enough to be effective. Plus it would be a horrific amount of chemical being dumped into the Ocean.

Re: non filtered and non circulating pool (help needed)

Postby Guest » Wed 25 Feb, 2009 08:15

I have heard that some pool owners have successfully run the fill water through a fine filter and then a copper mesh to retard the growth of alga.

You should also try have the inflow and outflow directly opposite each other to maximise circulation.

Re: non filtered and non circulating pool (help needed)

Postby Me... » Wed 25 Feb, 2009 10:57

An inline mesh might try to kill of algae going through it, but you would need to build a bit of a bank in the pool itself to inhibit growth on the walls etc. If you were putting that much copper into this type of pool, how much copper do you think would be pouring out of the pool. And what would happen to the ocean in the outfall area?

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