Neighbourhood & Pool Safety

Liner issues and problems installing or
maintaining above ground swimming pools.
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I'm new here
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Neighbourhood & Pool Safety

Postby HydroForce » Tue 24 Feb, 2009 14:39

We are not allowed to put a fence around our yard in this neighbourhood. Also, I don't feel it is safe to put a fence directly around an above ground pool, as swimmers could be pinned inside if the pool tips. I am hoping the manufacturers of the vinyl pools have devised a hard cover that can be locked over the pool when it's not in use. If an unsupervised child gets on it, they will not be able to fall in or get trapped as they could on a solar cover. Any tips? Thank you.

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Re: Neighbourhood & Pool Safety

Postby Larry » Wed 25 Feb, 2009 03:58

I am not aware of a hard cover for above ground pools, though they are quite common for spas.

There are a range of safety covers available for above ground pools, some to prevent people / animals falling in, other keep leaves out too and of course the solid winter covers.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Neighbourhood & Pool Safety

Postby tonydr00 » Wed 04 Mar, 2009 08:16

what do you have? if its a stand alone above ground you may not need a fence, in some states it sits 4ft from the ground then all you need to to is remove the ladder. Their is a hard cover for above ground pools.
if im correct they are custom made so they may be more expensive. You are not allowed to put a fence around your yard but what about like 5 feet around your pool?
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Neighbourhood & Pool Safety

Postby andrrewdamien » Tue 22 May, 2012 10:42

As PoolWerx proud community water security partners with Royal Life Saving and watch scheme, we encourage all owners to pool / spa pool safety weekend during the positive. Encourage your friends, neighbors and relatives to do the same.
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