Broken line

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Broken line

Postby csheafer » Thu 26 Feb, 2009 08:44

I have a broken line apparently between the skimmer and the pump as that side is only sucking air.
The city did extensive road work (total rip out and redo) which caused my whole house to shake which I believe did the damage, but the city says they did not do it.
I started to dig the line out (two feet down) and only got a few feet before full winter hit.
It is another 30 ft to my skimmer.
I don't believe I am capable of digging out that line on my own....

Is there a way to detect where the break is above ground?
What kind of company could I hire the cheapest to just dig out the line?

I am really struggling here, am financially in trouble and don't know what to do...


Re: Broken line

Postby Me... » Thu 26 Feb, 2009 09:13

You say skimmer line, does this mean you also have a main drain line but ONLY the skimmer line is sucking air? Obviously you have checked the water level in the skimmer? If there was shaking, possibly a threaded fitting in front of the pump loosened somewhat? Or the threaded collars on a suction side valve? PVC plumbing or an older pool with black poly pipe? Just a few preliminary things to look at that are common.
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I'm new here
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Re: Broken line

Postby kccats » Thu 26 Feb, 2009 10:08

I ran a line test on the white PVC pipeing.
I can blow air from the pump to the skimmer, but it only sucks air when I engage the pump.
The main drain line is working fine.
There are no leaks around the pump.

At the start of this, my pool got a LOT of dirt in it and did not stop until I turned off the skimmer side, then the pool cleared and the dirt stopped. Now, it just sucks air on that side.
I am positive there is a break or leak somewhere between the skimmer and the filter.
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Re: Broken line

Postby Larry » Thu 26 Feb, 2009 10:19

Often a broken pipe results in the surrounding area becoming waterlogged. Though you might not notice it in the rainy season, it can result in the dirt settling slightly. To detect very small compression use a torch at an oblique angle at night.

There are leak detection companies that use sensitive listening equipment to locate a leak. I have had limited success using an old stethoscope, though it generally ony works for me on hard compacted ground.

You may want to push a rod or probe of sorts through the pipe and, you never know, it may come out with some mud on it just a few feet away. :)

Re: Broken line

Postby Me... » Thu 26 Feb, 2009 10:28

Definitely sounds like a break.

"I can blow air from the pump to the skimmer, but it only sucks air when I engage the pump."

Try that, with only a few pounds pressure, after putting a plug into one end. You might just hear or see water or air or water and air coming out somewhere.

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