Pool Wizard really works

The Pool Wizard, Nature2, the Frog and other mineral systems for
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Pool Wizard really works

Postby Rod » Tue 25 Jan, 2005 06:27

When I found your site and decided to order a Pool Wizard it was out of desperation and I thought it probably wouldn't be able to do what was claimed. I was spending so much on shocks and algicides that I felt I had little to lose.

Well, imagine my surprise when it exceeded all my expectations. I'm a convert. My chlorine use is now negligible and and no more fussing with algea or shocks. My pool has become the envy of my neighborhood and I have recommended it to all my friends.

Thanks for saving my pool from the ultimate fate of becoming a fishpond
Rod (Hi)

Pool Care Proficient
Pool Care Proficient
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Postby vaughanwilliams » Tue 28 Jun, 2005 11:08

I have e-mailed your agent in Turkey to supply us so that we can sell these babies in Cyprus.
However, I think the guy isn't in Turkey as he hasn't replied to me. Can anyone at Pool Wizard gee him up?

Vaughan Williams
Technical Director
Octopus Pools

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