Baquacil vs chlorine

Baquacil, SoftSwim, Revacil, Splashes, Poly Clear. Using these
non-chlorine products and converting from biguanides back to chlorine.

Baquacil vs chlorine

Postby donilda » Thu 18 Jul, 2013 20:08

I have used Bacquacil before and it is good for skin and allergies, as well as not damaging swim suits. However, after a period of time, the sand in the filter will clog and have to be changed out. Not sure why that happens but heard that from a lot of users. I have salt water now, and would never go back to anything else.


Baquacil vs chlorine

Postby Policecarsam » Tue 23 Jul, 2013 11:30

I have been using Baquacil for the last 10 years or so. I have found the key is to buy the Hydrogen Peroxide oxidizer (shock) at a chemical supply house in a 55-gal drum. I use the 50% concentration in lieu of the 27% strength Baqua Shock. It is much lower in cost per gallon, plus it's almost twioce the strength, so I use about half the recommended gallon-dosage as Baqua Shock. I agree with anohter commenter that the mfr suggests too high a level of Baquacil Sanitizer for effective water treatment. That may be the reason some get weird byproducts in their water. Keep the sanitizer at a moderate level, use a good copper-based 90-day algicide (about 11.8% copper) available many places, like Menard's, etc...), and a gallon of 50% hydrogen peroxide monthly or perhaps weekly in fractional doses. I have fabulous water, no burning eyes from chlorine, and easy ph-neutral water management. Use rubber gloves when you pump the peroxide into a 5-gal. bucket. It does whiten your hands if you touch it. It can even burn a bit if you don't wash it off right away. The Baquacil product is a very good and effective product. People who have problems are not trying very hard to figure it out.
Kiwi Blue

Baquacil vs chlorine

Postby Kiwi Blue » Sun 28 Jul, 2013 00:40

I have used Baquacil for over 35 years and find it perfect for my needs. The pool is marble plaster and has been replastered just once since we built it.
The pool is easy to maintain and looks great, smells great and feels great. Wouldn't use anything else.

Baquacil vs chlorine

Postby lrafford » Fri 27 Jun, 2014 12:27

I have used both Clorine & Baquacil in my 40 year old pool. I have owned the pool (16x32 inground) when I bought the house 32 years ago. I switched to Baquacil probably 20 years ago and have used it ever since. I feel it is more stable than clorine and it certainly is easier on the pool liner and any rubber material like goggles and swim fins. Another positive is you can shock the pool and go swimming in about an hour later which you can't do with clorine. I use a DE filter and a 3/4 pool pump and my pool is clear. Someone told me once that if you can flip a nickel into the deep end of the pool and read whether it is heads or tails then your pool is clear. I can read the date... I recommend Baquacil to anyone with a pool especially if they are a novice because it is much easier to maintain in my opinion.

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