When should the $$$Price$$$ look suspicious!

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My Pool: 30'x15'x6' (approx.) 16,000gal. in-ground concrete gunite. (professional installed.) So. Florida - fresh water.
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When should the $$$Price$$$ look suspicious!

Postby GerryH » Sat 28 Feb, 2009 17:48

This winter I found my pool cleaner to be on its last season so I began shopping. I currently have a Stay-Rite Calypso ( which followed a Kreepy-Krauly). About (3+2) five years worth of total service out of both... which also included about one hundred & fifty dollars worth of usual replacement parts, (more parts and $$$ cost for Kreepy-Krauly maintenance).

My pool was professionally installed before I bought this home... an in ground concrete. If some design features seem odd to first time pool buyers - buy an automatic pool cleaner. In short order those odd design features will explain themselves.

My first two pool cleaners had both been the 'suction type' which the pool's design features supported to produce very good cleaning. My first was a deluxe Kreepy-Krauly @ about $179.00, the second was the Calypso, three years following, @ about the same price - so considering inflation and all I was expecting prices to begin about the $200.00 range.

Then, Future Shock! The one big pool supply house I began shopping in started their suction type cleaner prices at $300.00. Actually, Baracuda G2 at $299.98 - the G3 at $369.98 and Baracuda X7 at 449.99 - Kreepy Krauly Classic was listed at $319.99 after $90.00 mail-in rebates and the Kreepy Kruiser model @ $349.99 after $50.00 in mail-in rebates.

Good grief! That is a minimum of a $100.00 increase on the 'cheapest' model available!!!

These prices were for "in ground" pool cleaners of course - I then made the mistake of turning to the "Above-ground" suction type pool cleaner pages. The brands were the same, both the highly rated Baracuda - Kreepy Krauly and a Hayward.

The shock was in their prices. $144.99 - $164.99 - $159.99 and $169.99 - almost the 'same' prices as they had been listed for as much as 24 months ago!

It appears to be pretty clear what this industry is up to here! Price gouging on select product lines.

There is simply NO WAY that these superb little time & work saving pool implements are worth any $300 to $500 dollars – no way.

The question to be asked here is just how much difference can there be between a simple "in-ground" and an "above-ground" suction type pool cleaner - Answer: NOT MUCH at all. Certainly not a $100.00 to $300.00 difference in price!

Shop (and buy) wisely!

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Swimming Pool Superstar
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When should the $$$Price$$$ look suspicious!

Postby Me... » Sat 28 Feb, 2009 21:46

Although I haven't had one open in several years, there used to be several differences. Did they warrant that much of an increase in price? I don't make them but it seemed the full blown concrete pool vacs were substantially better built AND heavier than the smaller above ground pool models.

I used to prefer the Pool Vac, which is now basically called a Navigator. Last years list was about $750 Cnd. Seems to me that many years ago they were about that much and I thought they were well worth it.

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