Pool Level Low and Won't Refill

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ihatepools (not really, just right now)

Pool Level Low and Won't Refill

Postby ihatepools (not really, just right now) » Tue 03 Mar, 2009 21:09

inground pool, 15K gallons...

I have a spillover section in my pool... it is bone dry.... also, my pool is down about 3 inches from where it should be and is not refilling... my waterfall pump will not stay filled with water, my pool filter is ok....

but, won't fill back to the proper level... i have tried unlocking the basket and re-sealing.... but I cannot get any pressure apparently to push water back to the pool. How do I get water going to the pool so it fills back up on it's own? or do i just have to stick a hose in there and fill it?

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Pool Level Low and Won't Refill

Postby Me... » Wed 04 Mar, 2009 00:05

See the answer in your other question. And if you do not have an autofill then you will need a hose. And if you are a new owner it sounds like the previous owner didn't give you a good rundown, or couldn't. Might be best to have a pool guy come in and explain things.
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Pool Level Low and Won't Refill

Postby Larry » Wed 04 Mar, 2009 01:27

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Pool Level Low and Won't Refill

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