Spa draining into pool

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Spa draining into pool

Postby dreamtunes » Sun 08 Mar, 2009 09:10

Whenever I switch the valves to SPA after about 10 minutes the spa has emptied out it's water into the pool.
I've taken the valve actuators off and manually switched the valves to spa and still have the same problem.
I've even switched the valves from the suction side to the pumping side and it makes no difference.
I've taken the valves totally apart and took them to "Leslie's" and they said the valves look fine. Everything "appears" to be as it should be but still there is a sizable amount of water being diverted into the pool when it should all be going into the spa.

Any ideas?

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Spa draining into pool

Postby Me... » Sun 08 Mar, 2009 11:09

In a set up like that there should be a small bypass line that will feed filtered water from the pool return to the spa return. The idea is when the pool is running, a small amount of water is sent to the spa to keep it fresh and that amount of water overflows back to the pool.

That bypass line should have a check valve on so water can run only 1 way. From the pool to the spa. Usually there would be a manual isolation valve there also. It could be the check is missing or stuck open. You can try shutting the isolation valve to see if that helps.

Might let us know if it actually did work for a while and how long, or is this a new installation?

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