Quade 60 D.E. filter

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Quade 60 D.E. filter

Postby PoolDad2 » Tue 10 Mar, 2009 10:24

I'm on another computer and can't remember my password but wanted to get this question out now. I have a Pentair Quade 60 D.E filter. Is it possible to change it over to just a cartridge fitler? The use of D.E. is and has been such a pain. The last time I cleaned the filter and put it back into service the D.E. started to come back into the pool through the returns. I know the cartridges were good with now holes for that to happen. What a pain. With work and the kids, my time is limited and it just seems that dealing with D.E. isn't worth it.

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Quade 60 D.E. filter

Postby Larry » Tue 10 Mar, 2009 12:11

If you want a cartridge filter you will need to trash the DE filter and get a new one. As far as I know, there are no cartridges for the Pentair Quad DE filters that will allow operation without the addition of some filter media (DE).

Perhaps there is a filter producer or cartridge manufacturer who have produced a cartridge element for use in the Quads. If so I think many people would be interested.

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