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New pool

Postby Guest » Sun 15 Mar, 2009 09:42

I am wanting to get a bigger pool this year, last year I had a cheep 12" pool and would like at least an 18'. Is it any easier to maintain a larger pool than a smaller one? I know that in aquariums that a 10 gallon will get dirty faster than a 20 gallon. Does this hold true in pools? Thanks Mike

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New pool

Postby BilliBob » Mon 16 Mar, 2009 03:50

The pool gets dirty depending on the number of swimmers, the surroundings and the wind conditions. The pool needs regular vacuuming regardless of its size.

You will add chemicals every day, more for a bigger pool.

I would say, in my experience, that the amount of time spent keeping up a pool is almost the same, regardless of its size (give or take 10-15 minutes per vacuum).
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New pool

Postby muss08 » Mon 16 Mar, 2009 07:17

It depends on alot of factors. The environment is one. Location, temp., winds, sunlight. The bigger issue is your equipment. You are going to a much larger pool so you will need to upgrade your equipment. Stronger pump bigger filter. If you used your same equipment the pool would get dirty very quickly
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