Pool Suction Leak

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Pool Suction Leak

Postby jmatteis » Tue 26 Jul, 2011 06:16

Quick question. I don't appear to be losing any water, if any, a tiny bit, but I have some small bubbles in the glass of the pump. And you can hear the air being transferred into the sand filter, it sounds... although my return is running fine, no bubbles, no glitches... On my return line, there is a small sight tube, and I can see some small bubbles showing in there enroute to the pump. Over the last couple of days, the amount of air trapped in the pump has not increased significantly, but I suspect a small leak in my underground return line. My assumption about the line is because I see the air in the return line prior to the pump, or am I wrong, could this occur with a problem in the impeller as well?

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Pool Suction Leak

Postby czechmate » Tue 26 Jul, 2011 08:45

If you had a leak in return line which is sealed by ground, you would be loosing water.
Either into the ground or above ground which you would see. Check your skimmers for debris and also the flaps. If your skimmer is picking up air due to low level or by being stuffed with leaves, it will show up at the pump and will be pushed to filter.

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