Chemical issues possibly aqualogic issue?

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Chemical issues possibly aqualogic issue?

Postby Thomas » Sun 22 Mar, 2009 11:33

Recently I had a power problem with my aqualogic chlorine generator,It was down for 2 days before I got home to take care of it, since then, over the last 6 days I have battling Chemical balancing issues. When the generator went out, had a algae proble, took care of that. 2 days ago my pool levels were almost perfect. Salt was @3200, PH-7.4, alk- 100, calcium-330, stabilizer- 60, chlorine-5.. THis morning I had my wife run the water, to the pool store, I am at work, she called to tell me that the chlorine was 0 and stablizer was down to 30 and the ph was 8.0.. I have been testing every day, and adding 2.5 gallons of chlorine,every other day I had the chlorinator checked and was told it is working fine. Any Ideas why I would burn through that much chlorine and stablizer?


Chemical issues possibly aqualogic issue?

Postby poolcare » Mon 23 Mar, 2009 00:03

The algae was not completely destroyed. If you're adding only enough chlorine to keep the algae under control then the algae will keep coming back. The pH should not go over 7.4 when trying to rid the pool of algae and the free chlorine must stay over 3ppm.

Stabilizer (cyanuric acid) doesn't get used up or broken down. Assuming these readings are accurate, your pool is losing water at an incredible rate. For the CYA to go from 60 to 30 suggests a 50% loss of pool water. Do you have an autofill?

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