Solar covers

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Solar covers

Postby raiderron » Sun 22 Mar, 2009 21:35

Any advice on purchasing a solar cover? I want a cover to heat up pool in spring, big concern is can I roll up cover and put it back in box? Dohenys has a clear cover, anybody with experince with solar covers?

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Solar covers

Postby pgouellette » Wed 25 Mar, 2009 12:29

I have a similar question. What are people's view on thickness for a solar cover is 16mil better then 12mil?
My initial thoughts are that a thicker cover would keep more heat in as it would be more difficult for the heat to escape a thicker cover.
How about color is clear better then blue? My initial thoughts are that a clear cover would allow more sunlight into the pool water and help heat it, but I heard it may also allow for chlorine burn off as well?

Finally can anyone recommend a solar cover manufacturer that they have had good luck with.


Solar covers

Postby raiderron » Thu 26 Mar, 2009 11:19

Called Dohenys Water works, they advised when removing cover and before storing to rinse off chlorine. (I won't need solar cover after spring warmup) If not rinsed the bubbles will "pop". Rinsing a 32 x16 foot piece of plastic might be difficult. Thinking I might go to Home Depot and save $.

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