Pool scale removal

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Pool scale removal

Postby dino » Tue 24 Mar, 2009 05:59

I have just drained my 55m2 inground tile pool here in Spain. The tiles and surfaces are full of scale. Our water is hard and we have high ph problems in our area.

How should I clean the pool surface? I have been told that acid washing will remove the pool scale. Is this true? How hard is it and how dangerous?

Thank you all


Pool scale removal

Postby sleddy » Wed 25 Mar, 2009 03:26

An acid wash is the easiest and quickest way to get rid of scale and calcification.

Basically you spread the acid over the scaly surfaces and then rinse it off before it messes up your grout.

You can use any liquid acid. Muriatic acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid are often used and you start with a diluted mixture. Only use unmixed if the diluted acid fails to do the job. :!:

The fumes from the acid are deadly and you should always wear protective gear. Have a friend nearby who can pull you out of the pool if need be. Also it is best to do it on a calm day because then you can more easily avoid the acid fumes.

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