earthworms in pool each night

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I'm new here
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earthworms in pool each night

Postby Frostcutlery » Tue 25 May, 2010 10:23

I too live in FL and have an in-ground pool but never had any problems with worms getting into the pool but we did get a lot of other types of bugs and insects. I went to a Pool Supplies store and bought some chemicals to shock the pool and one of those vacuums that ride around on the bottom picking stuff up and between the two of them the pool remained pretty clean most of the summer. Having a good filter will help out a lot also.

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I'm new here
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earthworms in pool each night

Postby wardnency12 » Thu 03 Jun, 2010 05:00

Long periods of rain or very water soaked soil will bring the earthworms to the surface. I have no idea how your swimming pool is designed. Earthworms are as far as being a pest as a organism can be. They are very helpful in providing nutrients to the soil, help increase the amount of soil and serve by their presence to indicate that the soil environment is in good condition at least.
Dieter Uslar

earthworms in pool each night

Postby Dieter Uslar » Mon 25 Apr, 2011 19:16

we have the same problem south of Chile... every time I clean the pool... ther are lots of worms... pelase let me know your solutions, thanks in advance.
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earthworms in pool each night

Postby swimfit » Sun 08 May, 2011 03:29

i tend to think this is from seeping through the deck. This can't be a constant problem otherwise, that too, on a daily basis as you say.
Star rose

earthworms in pool each night

Postby Star rose » Thu 13 Jun, 2013 09:31

I have an above ground pool-- I went out to inspect to see how the earth worms are getting in my pool. I saw some dried/dead worms on the outside walls of pool, and others caught in a few spider webs at the top. This is evident that they are ascending the pool walls when it rains and falling into the pool. Then I sprayed around my pool with insecticide, and I saw huge amounts of worms coming out of the bottom outside ring of pool where it meets the walls. It is very narrow, but there were tons of worms coming out when sprayed. It's wet there so they must be living and breeding in the bottom outside perimeter of the pool. Anyhow I have read that an insecticide Sevin will kill them. Honestly I don't see the harm in sprinkling it on the concrete perimeter if the worms are going to commit suicide anyway by drowning. Worms are beneficial in many ways, but if these worms are bound for death either way, I'd rather not have to scoop them and clean the filter every time it rains.
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I'm new here
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earthworms in pool each night

Postby Fun in the Sun » Sun 11 May, 2014 18:24

Whenever there's a heavy rain, earthworms tend to crawl up and reach for a safe place to stay. They are also nocturnal so you really won't see how could they get into your pool. I've no experience with having earthworms on our pool since we don't have a really nice landscape. If covering doesn't work how about getting some soil around the swimming pool covered up? Like covering it with cement or a rough concrete.
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Re: earthworms in pool each night

Postby paulbest » Mon 15 Aug, 2016 00:43

Earthworms naturally will seek moist areas, whether in dirt, sand, etc. That being said, it seems that they would try to go deeper into the earth when heavy rain, thunder and lightening approaches. However, this doesn't seem to be the case. Worms crawl out during rain, then when the rains stop, the worms dry out and head for the nearest source of water, your pool. And yes, they can crawl across, or are carried across the pool deck by the rain water.

1) Keep any soil or plants at least 20 feet away from the swimming pool. Worms normally live in dirt, and hard rain can draw them out of the ground. As they try to get out of the rain, they could end up in the pool accidentally if the dirt and plants are too close to the pool water.

2) Watch the chlorine levels year around!! This also helps to kill micro parasitic worms that, unlike earthworms, can cause sickness.

3) Use a pool cover whenever the pool is not in use to prevent worms and other organisms from infiltrating the pool water when no one is paying attention.

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