Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

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Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby gordo » Fri 27 Mar, 2009 09:10

I started using Fiber Clear instead of DE in my DE filter, worked great last season but this year after hosing off grids seems my filter pressure doubles after 24 hours. Used DE for past 15 years with two different pool filters no problems. Wondering if this stuff is any good.

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Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby okiesungal » Tue 31 Mar, 2009 16:47

Sorry you haven't had any replies. I'm asking the same question and have about decided the recommended amount to use is too much. Hope someone else out there has some experience with this stuff. I may be switching back rather than backwashing everyday!

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby Guest » Tue 14 Apr, 2009 06:54

Just use a little less than recomended, this stuff is much safer than DE and last much longer. backwashing you might find using more water to to clean your filter off than DE. This might be your problem, backwash alittle longer than normal.
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Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby bgflex » Sat 02 May, 2009 18:11

Well, so far, I have the same problem. Increased algae and increased pressure. Unfortunately, this is an older D.E. system with no backwash capability. I'm going to clean all the grids and start over again, following the recommended dosage for a 36 sq.' tank, i.e., 9 cups (directly into the skimmer, no need to pre-mix with water), and see if the second time around doesn't make a difference.

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby chrisowens01 » Thu 04 Jun, 2009 20:00

After using the recommended amount of Fiber Clear 3 weeks ago, I have had the top of my DE filter leak and then blow off within 24 hours. This caused the top of the de filter to warp. I have had to have 2 service calls because we could not get the top to stay on our filter. I tried to backwash the Fiber Clear off of the filter because I was having such high pressure. This didn't help. I finally had the pool maintenance people out again. They took the filter apart and found 2 cracks in the manifold and holes in 2 of the webs. Our manifold was fine and our webs were fine prior to adding Fiber Clear as we had examined them just prior to adding the Fiber Clear for the first time. I now have to purchase a new DE filter ($1300) and pay for 2 service calls. My pool repair person said that the problem was the lack of water flow in the filter caused by the use of Fiber Clear.
Beware of this product. It has cost me thousands of dollars.

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby vince » Fri 19 Jun, 2009 15:18

I have just bought a pool and converted to fiber clear. When I bought the DE since the filter was very dirty. I went to fiber clear on advise of the sales lady, and pressure went down to 14psi for a 60sq-ft filter. I do not know if this is good or so I am looking for feedback.

After about a month the filtering pressure was at 16psi and then I added phosphate cleaner and overnight pressure went up to 30psi. Removed the top of the filter and the filter elements were dirty, but different than DE in that dirt coats the fiber clear and blocked the water flow. I flushed the filter for 3 min and the water cleared and added new media (about 12 cups) Pressure is now at 16psi.

So filter clear really does clean and capture particulates in the water, but it does clog and you need to watch the pressure. So at this point I expect to flush at least monthly, but the water is very, very clear and smooth-feeling.

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby Gizmoze » Wed 24 Jun, 2009 11:16

I have been using Fiber Clear for years.

When I first started using Fiber Clear my filter clogged really fast. This is because my pool was full of particles that were too small to be removed by D.E.. After a few cycles with Fiber Clear my water is polished and the filter is now on a more normal back flushing schedule.

Not only is our pool cleaner and fresher but the back flushing is a much cleaner job.

We will never go back.

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby peglegman » Fri 26 Jun, 2009 17:28

I thought this product was for use in sand filters. Ive used it in my pool this summer with good results. I also had to backwash frequently until the particles that were clouding my pool were gone but once they were "polished" I've only had to backwash about every 9-14 days.

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby karin » Thu 27 Aug, 2009 19:26

:) We used this for the first time this year and looooovvvvvvve it. It has done well by us. We have an 18 x 33 ft above ground pool that we always used DE with. When we opened the pool, I adjusted the pH and the alkalinity before adding the chlorine (this took a few days). Then, we added one 9-oz bag of the Fiber Clear (we bought it for $5.99). The fellow at the Namco Store suggested using one bag. We have only had to clean out the filter and add a new bag once so far. And, even though we heat the pool and use a solar cover, we have not had any algae - AT ALL. This amazes my husband and myself. Last summer, we would have algae, despite my precise pool chemistry balancing act, which would lead to alot of vacuuming. This year, we have been able to just use the Polaris without vacuuming.
I only have good things to say about it. I will be getting more for next season and I hope that I do not get disapointed!

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby itafx » Fri 02 Oct, 2009 18:55

I tried Fiber Clear on the strong advice of the Leslies salesman. It's the worst thing I've ever done to my pool. I have a 48 square inch Hayward DE filter and the Fiber Clear immediately clogged the filter. My pump burned out and I had to replace it. When I finally got the system up again after 6 weeks worth of struggle, I found that the filter was hopelessly clogged in a couple of hours. The really bad part is that the back flush doesn't work with Fiber Clear. It sticks to the media holder screens, and won't come off. I've had to take the filter apart and wash all the algae filled Fiber Clear off by hand with a hose and a high pressure nozzle. I've done it twice and I'm afraid it won't be any different from here on out. What a pain. At least with DE, you can back flush it back off when the media gets filled with algae and put a fresh charge without having to take your filter all apart.

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