Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

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Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby endresbj » Thu 29 Apr, 2010 21:18

Fiberclear is fantastic, but it's very difficult the first few weeks after you change from DE. It's the cleanest our pool has ever been. There are a few key items that aren't listed on the bag. I found more help on the internet. Their website isn't all that great, but it does answer some key complaints.

When you switch to fiberclear, you will have to completely clean your filter. You will also have to backwash frequently. Fiberclear removes about twice the particle that DE removes, so it will clog much quicker.

You cannot use most pool addititives with fiberclear. It will filter most of them out. Phosphate removers algaecides. It will leave a grey film on your filter.

You will experience the same type of issues if you don't run your pump enough. My pump failed, and I didn't run it for 7 days. When i started back up, i had to backwash several times in 48 hours.


Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby swimstuff » Mon 10 May, 2010 13:09

Fiber Clear is an excellent replacement for DE. It filters finer than DE, therefore it can cause the pressures to rise premalturely for the first one or two backwashes. As soon as the residual particles that the DE was unable to filter are removed from the water, the backwash cycles will return to normal. One advantage with Fiber Clear is that you do not need to use any other chemicals with it, such as phosphate removers or clarifiers, because of the ultra-fine filtration. The use of these sequestrates (clarifiers and phosphate removers and some algaecides) will also cause the filter pressures to rise prematurely. Fiber Clear has an excellent website,, that will explain the do's and don't's when using the product.


Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby lipoolguy » Mon 14 Jun, 2010 21:35

Fiber Clear is better to use than DE because it filters better and the latter is a class one carcinogen. The reason some have had problems with high pressure readings and clogging is that many enhancer chemicals (algicides, phosphate removers, clarifiers, etc.) are not compatable with Fiber Clear. FC filters down so small that these enhancers cause clogging and high readings. You really only need chlorine and shock with FC. If you want, you can use a natural enzyme product like Pool Perfect. FC is great when used properly.

It's a shame, and really unprofessional that the people at Fiber Clear do not indicate this on the package, and most pool store staff are unaware of this. There should be a warning that many other chemicals are not compatable or unnecessary with FC. I had to dig this up at

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby luckyj » Tue 15 Jun, 2010 07:19

And I'm sure the reason most pool store help will not not tell you about not using additives (even if they do know about the problem) is because they make a huge profit on selling these additives.

A longtime pool owner once told me that the only chemcals you really need to keep your pool in shape is to keep the chlorine on the high side and the ph in check. He said all this additive junk was all crap and just a ruse to make more money for the pool co.

Having owned a pool for 15 years now I see he was right. When I walk in a pool store now to pick up DE, I see employee "experts" testing water, telling people they need this clarifier, this water enhancer, yada yada and naive pool owners filling their arms up with this stuff.

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby lipoolguy » Tue 15 Jun, 2010 19:08

luckyj is correct about many enhancer chemicals being unecessary, and as a new pool owner I found out the hard way. With a DE filter, all you need during the season is Fiber Clear, chlorine and shock. If chlorine levels, water balance (ph, etc) and filtration (running pump continuously at least 8 hrs a day) are correct, you shouldn't have an algae or water clarity issue. You can use a natural enzyme product like Pool Perfect too, but I bet you can skip that as well. Unfortunately, pool chemicals are generally unable to be returned (even if unused), so many new users of Fiber Clear, such as poor me, are stuck with chemicals they can't use or return that cost a lot of money. Fiber Clear, I believe, is a relatively new product, so the pool industry and consumers aren't fully educated about it. The fact that Fiber Clear has no warnings on the label doesn't help!

You have to be your own pool expert. The pool supply industry is only interested in selling you as many chemicals as they can. In the end Fiber Clear is a great product, but can cause headaches if not used properly.

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby lipoolguy » Thu 17 Jun, 2010 09:00

As a follow up to my post above, I was fortunate in that the pool store took back the chemicals that are incompatible for a store credit, even though they generally don't accept chemical returns. HERE'S THE DEAL WITH FIBER CLEAR - THE INFO. THAT SHOULD BE ON THE LABEL:

1. When switching to Fiber Clear (FC), you must clean out all the DE from your filter and grids, otherwise FC will not work. This can be done professionally for about $75-80 (that's the going rate in my area). Don't attempt this yourself unless you research how to clean a DE filter first.

2. You must put the required amount of FC in the skimmer after EACH backwash. In the beginning, you may end up backwashing often, but that is b/c the filter is adjusting to FC. In short order, your backwashes will be less.

3. WARNING! Many "enhancer" chemicals are not compatible with FC, and shame on the makers of FC for not stating this on the label! Many Algaecides, clarifiers, and phosphate removers used with FC will not only cause high psi readings, but may clog the filter as well. FC works so well that you won't need these anyway. Natural enzyme products may be used. More on chemicals below.

4. DURING SWIM SEASON: Your chemical program with FC (and a DE filter) should be as follows:

Recharge with FC after each backwash
Keep chlorine levels steady (automatic chlorine feeder is really necessary)
Maintain chemistry (ph, etc.)
Shock when necessary
Use a natural enzyme product to enhance filtration and help break down, body oils, sweat, etc. I recommend Pool Perfect which is compatible with FC. This is optional
Run the filter 10-12 a day continuously.
In other words: chlorine, shock, FC, and pool perfect. Done.

That's it! If your chlrorine levels, water chemistry, and filtration are correct, you won't have an algae, scale, or other problems. Algaecides and other enhancements are just a quick fix but do not stop the cause. The only time you may need an algaecide or phosphate remover would be when you close for the winter as the filter is not running. Hope this helps.

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby Coby » Thu 24 Jun, 2010 12:05

Fiber clear is absolutely the best product I have ever used in my pool. It will save you hundreds of dollars in chemicals if used properly. After 5 years of struggling with algea, purchasing a new pump and numerous service calls my pool is clear and my chlorine costs are a fraction of what they were previously.

You CAN NOT use phosphates or other chemicals with Fiber clear because it filters down to 2 microns and the pressure will rise too fast.

As with any new product, it takes a little trial and error with the correct amount to use. Start with less, watch the pressure, and clean or backwash regularly. My water clear all winter and I was shocking once every 2 months. I have needed only 6 pounds of shock for 30,000 gallons in 2 months. I even went 3 weeks with no tablets and still the water was crystal clear. I have needed no clarifier, no algeacide or ph up or down.

There is nothing I have found better than Fiber clear. I went from swamp green to crystal clear in 4 days with Fiber Clear. The water literally sparkles.

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby sbas » Fri 30 Jul, 2010 20:03

Two months ago I decided to try fiber clear after using DE for the last 35 years. I have found that it works poorly in my Purex 60 SF filter because the media won't bond tightly enough to the filter grids. This is advantageous since the pressure never builds up. Unfortunately the media eventually ends up on the bottom of the filter and any algae or dirt simply blows through the filter. The grids were brand new and never used with DE and the filter hardware has no leaks that could account for the blow though. Instead of changing DE every 4 months I now have to clean and replace the fiber clear every 2-3 weeks! While I appreciate the biodegradability of fiber clear it is too hard to keep the pool clean and the cost is far higher!
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Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby floridapooltech » Mon 02 Aug, 2010 15:38

Fiberclear/perlite is a much better, safer alternative to D.E. powder as D.E. is extremely carcinogenic and causes lung cancer. Regarding the pressure issue and the question of how much to use, however much D.E. Powder you used in the past on your filters, Fiberclear/Perlite should be 1/2 as much ie: 4 scoops of D.E. powder would be 2 scoops of Perlite/Fiberclear. regarding your pressure problem, are you positive this is related to switching to fiber medium? is it possible you have a clog in one of your return lines, or purchase new eyeball fittings putting in smaller ones?

Any experience with Fiber Clear filter mediume?

Postby NewPoolOwnerNJ » Mon 16 Aug, 2010 21:53

I have a hayward 48SqFt DE filter that was brand new last summer.
I was using DE last season but after finishing the bag, I brought home Fiber Clear this past saturday..
opened filter, hosed the filter very very well. the cartridges still look brand new.
I put 9 full scoops of Fiber and the pressure rose 8psi filter ran for almost 6 hours and switched off (automatic timer).
Sunday filter ran full 8 hours but we didn't go out to check (was raining etc)
today evening when I went out, I found a algae in pool and pressure at 12psi (same as a new filter with no medium). I vacuumed an area and for sure, all the algae was coming back to pool unfiltered.
I put 3 more sccops. pressure rose 3 psi and some filtering started.
switched pump off and ON again. same issue now. pressure is back to 12psi.
I opened filter to check and could not see loose cartridge etc. noleaks either from filter or jandy valve.

Any clue why the filter is not really working with FiberClear as expected?
Thanks in advance.

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