Pump took a crap

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pump took a crap

Postby davidadavila » Mon 30 Mar, 2009 20:19

well seems that my pool pump took a crap it makes this weird noise and then it just shuts down.....i have a starite system 2hp i dont know how to find the proper pump for it, i see them online put they come with the whole basket and everything can you just replace the motor? how do i know that i have the correct size for my pool idont want to buy the same one again if its not suffiscient for my pool size, my filter is about 28 inches high x 9 inches wide.......my pool is 24x16 with an average of 5.5 feet...help please


Pump took a crap

Postby Guest » Wed 01 Apr, 2009 16:39

Try find a dealer nearby. You can have the motor repaired.

According to this pool volume calculator your pool has nearly 16,000 gallons. A 2 hp pump seems like overkill for your pool. A smaller pump would move the water fast enough, but you already have the filter so the same size replacement would be advisable.

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