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I'm new here
I'm new here
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New equipment help

Postby sinkorswim » Mon 30 Mar, 2009 22:43

Our current system HW DE EC-65 w/HW Maxflow 1 HP pump all about 10+ yrs old, best guess. Filter and pump are about 10-12’ from skimmer and ~18” off water level and in a shed by the pool. Pool size is 20 x 40 x 8(deep end), vol 35K gal with a DTH of 50’s, I think this correct, yes?

Pool is ~15+ years old; we only have one 230V line into the electrical box and used for heat pump, so we only have 115V for pump/motor. Pool has one skimmer and two inlets, all plumbing lines are 1.5”. Pool had a drain but it was plugged and covered when old owners replace liner. We are using an in-line Hayward (tablet) chlorinator and heat pump. There is an additional inlet on side of pool; I think it is for a pressure cleaner, we have a Dolphin auto cleaner (in love :thumbup: ) so the inlet will never be used, can we use this as an additional inlet, will it help?

We are tired of the DE maintenance and water loss from backwashing so our pool guy said a cartridge system would be best for our needs. The pool is not used much (mostly weekends, if that) so we want to confirm his recommendation for size of cartridge filter and HP for pump. We’ve been looking at Pentair WFE-4 and Hayward Super II (1HP) pumps along with the filter systems from both also, I also understand the need of “+ one size up” when it comes to the filter.

Need to know what size cartridge (sq ft) and what size pump (115v) will work with our pool and new filter.


New equipment help

Postby Guest » Wed 01 Apr, 2009 17:29

Pool size is 20 x 40 x 8, vol 35K gal with a DTH of 50’s

Pool is about 48K gallons.
What is DTH?

Consider Pentair Intelliflo which will allow more circulation when the pool is crowded and less when you are away. It will also save $$$ on your electric bill. 75 - 100 sq ft cartridge would be great though the bigger you go the better the filtration and the less the cleaning.

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