Bromine with ozone

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Bromine with ozone

Postby Guest » Tue 31 Mar, 2009 02:17

A local pool store has recommended that I put in a corona ozone generator and then switch from chlorine to bromine for my 30000gal outdoor inground pool.

I run my pump 10-12 hours each day. What capacity(?) ozonator will I need and what are the advantages of bromine and the ozone+bromine combo?

I already got the sales pitch, I would like some facts or experiences that anyone has. :D

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Bromine with ozone

Postby Me... » Tue 31 Mar, 2009 10:07

This method had been out there a long time and in fact I used to think it was a good idea. When Bromine gets used it creates Bromamines, the brother of the nasty Chloramines. Chloramines are useless smelly things we want right out of the pool. Bromamines still somewhat act as a very weak residual sanitizer but need to be freed up to act as Bromine again. This is done through Oxidation and of course Ozone is numero uno there. Usually its done by Chlorine so guess what, there is still Chlorine in your pool. So the Bromamines go through the Ozone system and get converted back to the good Bromine.

Bromine isn't an oxidizer like chlorine and IMO doesn't sanitize as well, can smell much worse and plays more havoc with your pool chemistry. Its just another one of those things that seem like it should work nice but in reality seems to cause more issues. It might be another concept that people think allows them to pretty much forget certain aspects of their pools.

So Ozone yes! Some might put a small 1 gr./hr system on and it will be a nice adder if installed properly. I will say it again here, make the guy put in a BIG contact tank, it really helps the system. CD Ozone requires dry feed gas, air or oxygen. Unless you pay a fortune for a dryer, you probably won't be able to run it 24/7 without overloading the drier which of course provides junk air to the generator which of course can't make ozone worth beans and this becomes another system that makes people think ozone doesn't work.

I would use a 3-5 gr./hr. system, on Oxygen, and run it at maybe 50% to 75% flow through the generator. This should allow it to run continuously. I would use a 1/2hp whisperflow pump or something comparable and try for about 15-20gpm through the Ozone system. An 80 gallon tank might do it but I prefer a bit bigger if possible. Tanks aren't 100% efficient and I really like to get 4 minutes contact. The system costs add up but you will be amazed at your water.

And use Chlorine. And if you will spend this money, automate the Chlorine and Acid. And you will have no chloramines. Your acid consumption will be minimal so guess what, Alk demand will be lower. And your water will sparkle like you didn't believe possible.

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