Booster Pump problem

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Booster Pump problem

Postby mattle » Tue 31 Mar, 2009 18:27

Big problems.


Booster Pump problem

Postby mattle » Tue 31 Mar, 2009 18:35

mattle wrote:Big problems.

Sorry, I hit the submit button too early.

Anyway, the ball bearings on my old pump went out so I bought a new booster pump from Leslies Pool Supply. It was the standard pump for my Polaris Cleaner (I think it is the Polaris 280).

I've installed the new booster pump and the booster pump shuts off after 3 or 4 minutes of running. It also doesn't seem to be "boosting" the water enough to keep the cleaner moving.

Do I have some wires crossed or something because it doesn't seem right? Any help is appreciated.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Booster Pump problem

Postby Tobert » Wed 29 Apr, 2009 03:48

Check the labels on the pump. If the new pump draws significantly more amps than the old pump, you may be overloading the circuit. It'll work for a bit then heat up. Resistance rises, then the breaker trips. It's a long shot.

Also, I'm not sure about this, you may be wired for 220 volts but have the pump set to run on 110 (likely the default factory setting). This would cause the problem I mentioned, since the wiring would be gauged on the assumption that you have 2 legs of supply so you're effectively running on a super long, thin extension cord.

If you pull the back cover off (after having flipped the breaker and double-checked it), there is likely either a switch you can turn with a screwdriver or some wires that need to be re-routed. This should be in the documentation with your pump, or as a last resort, on the label on the pump. These are always difficult to read. If you're going to mess with the pump's wiring at all, I highly recommend taking a couple pictures first so you can always get back to the original configuration.

As I mentioned, please be careful, and this is all conjecture at 1:45am from a non-expert.

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