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Goldline chlorinator

Postby Guest » Fri 03 Apr, 2009 23:59

Does anyone have some good advice concerning my Goldline chlorinator? It is 2 years old. 1st year it worked fine, but last year has not worked at all. It shows 0 salt level and the "GENERATE" light does not come on at all. I called Goldline & they gave me contact information for a local pool servicer. Bottom line is that apparently they were too busy to come out & would never return my phone calls. Same thing for the other 2 servicers I called. I gave up calling after August 1. I did call Goldline to let them know about the bad service.
I used a chlorine floater all last season and I want salt water chlorination back.
Could the cell be bad after just one season? I have cleaned it a couple of times, but never saw any visible buildup of any kind. Could something else be wrong with it? Any help or advice is appreciated.

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Goldline chlorinator

Postby muss08 » Tue 14 Apr, 2009 07:10

Unfortunately sounds like the cell but may not be. Soak the cell for about 10 minutes in a bucket consisting of a 10:1 water to muriatc acid ratio. If after the 10 minutes you still see bubbles coming from the cell rinse the cell thouroughly and give it one more soak then reinstall. Just to double check- how do you know there is salt in the pool? Do you have a saline test kit or do you rely on what the chlorinator says?
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