Above ground pool with no liner

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Above ground pool with no liner

Postby pooluserintexas » Sat 04 Apr, 2009 15:47

I have a 18x 32 aboove ground pool buried 2 feet. The liner has been out for over a year.
I have tree roots growing in the bottom.
I want o get the pool running again. Is it possible or too late?

I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 21' dia. above ground pool
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Above ground pool with no liner

Postby lusigns » Mon 06 Apr, 2009 19:33

Resurfacing the pool floor is one thing. Tree roots are another.
Roots stabilize the tree but they`re always on the hunt for a reliable source of water. You could potentially have a problem on your hands, depending on the tree. A willow will bore through concrete in search of water. A root will make quick work out of a vinyl liner.
Question: Is the tree alive or dead? Can you remove the roots before you rebuild your pool?
You might want to consider moving your pool to another location before investing your money and time into a liner.


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