Out of ideas!

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Out of ideas!

Postby westwing » Sat 04 Apr, 2009 16:30

I have completely rebuilt my pool vac and tested all the hoses.
It will run for days and days on either the:
1. skimmer 2. vacuum connection 3. main drain.
However, about 1 to 2 minutes after I connect the pool vac hose, the water flow into the pool is greatly reduced and the pool vac stops. There doesn't seem to be a great amount of air in the system.
Help please. Thanks very much

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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Out of ideas!

Postby Me... » Sun 05 Apr, 2009 09:52

Does it run with only the hose but no vacuum attached? Sounds like a leak in the vacuum hose or you are not priming the hose and it takes such a big gulp of air the pump loses prime and just stops pumping.

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