Remove scale around pool

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Remove scale around pool

Postby pool-scale » Tue 07 Apr, 2009 01:46

We just bought our first home with a pool. We took the cover off the pool and had the local pool guy come out to give us a hand with the startup. We have quite a lot of scale around the pool on the tile deck. How do I go about getting rid of this?

Can I use any scale remover or is there any specific advice? :?:

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Remove scale around pool

Postby muss08 » Sat 11 Apr, 2009 13:49

Your best bet is to probably apply some muriatic acid directly onto the scale and scrub with either a pumice stone or steel brush. Just make sure you wear gloves. You can also keep your pH at about 7.0-7.2 which will help remove the scale over time and prevent new scale from forming.
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