Wood burning pool heater

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Wood burning pool heater

Postby Guest » Tue 07 Apr, 2009 01:55

I have heard of good results with a wood burning pool heater but have also been told that I would need to add wood or fuel every hour or two. This is totally impractical for me.

Is there any automatic feeder or hopper system I could look at (or a design) that I could use to automate the feeding and burning of a wood burning pool heater I am planning?

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Wood burning pool heater

Postby Me... » Tue 07 Apr, 2009 08:20

Look for a hopper feed pellet stove. You can buy the pellets in skids and just toss a bag or 2 into the hopper.

Wood burning pool heater

Postby Guest » Wed 08 Apr, 2009 02:09

Thanks, I'm gonna look into the hopper feed pellet stove. :thumbup:

Wood burning pool heater

Postby Barko1213 » Tue 19 May, 2009 12:25

I built my own wood pool heater.
It works great, and is easy to use.
I only have to add wood to it twice in
24hour period.

It was built with $250 worth of material
and 8 hours of time.

I can send photos. This is our second year with it.
I raised our pool from 75 deg F to 85 deg F in 2 days.
Our pool is 30,000 gallons.
my email is [email protected].

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