LED and PAR56

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LED and PAR56

Postby Guest » Thu 09 Apr, 2009 04:19

What are the disadvantages or cons, if any, of replacing my regular PAR56 lamps with the LED versions? I know it will save a bundle on my electric bill.

Do I need to change transformers or can I use the old ones?


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LED and PAR56

Postby Aquaclear-NZ » Tue 14 Apr, 2009 04:23

The power save advantages are probably not as great as you expect, depending on how long you run the lights for each day
A good quality LED should last 50,000+ hours which will give you a saving in replacement costs

there is a lot of cheap n nasty crap out there - in fact i have an office full of 100,000hr LEDs that have lasted less than a week running in always on, its the usual adage, you get what you pay for.
Heat is a big killer of the diode, and quality units will have a heatsink of some form

The best thing with LED's is the way the light travels in the water, it gives rich vibrant colours (depending on your surface colour)

Colour change is common nowdays and can ultiilze your existing switching.

You can generally use your existing transformer, however depending on wattage of the transformer and new LED par cans, you may have trouble meeting the minimum required load for the transformer. If this is the case, wire both lights to one trans to resolve this.
also make sure the voltage is the same

theres some good pics on the galleries on my LED site below, or a couple of pictures attached showing the same pool with LED and halogen lights

halogen copy.jpg

LED copy.jpg
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