HELP PLEASE...I am going insane lol

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HELP PLEASE...I am going insane lol

Postby Pint » Fri 26 May, 2006 16:15

I have been trying to install a 18ft x 48" pool over the last few weeks, needless to say nothing but problems...first I dug it out 6 inches (my father had done this with a pool without problems) then when I put the liner in it seemed way to tight on the sides (was perfect on the front and and back) so I thought maybe my measurements were out, checked them but were fine, then I started thinking that with it being dug out that there was not enough liner to cover the circum of the bottom, so I took it all down and replaced the bottom to make it somewhat level again, in the meantime we had a huge windstorm which collapsed the pool....anyway I got it all back up and put the liner in and still I am short on the sides...I measured the seam that is supposed to go half way up the cove and found it was 17ft on sides and 17ft 11 inches on front and back of the pool so the seam on the sides doesnt go up the cove but front and back they do...anyway I called the place I bought the pool from and they said this can be normal and to continue filling I have stretched it as much as I can along the bottom but the sides still are really tight (If I try and push up against the wall seems as tho the walls on other side want to buckle) I have done some reading and some claims have been made that the liner will stretch, I am just scared that this is to much to ask to stretch...Anyone able to shed some light on what I am going through?
Thanks in Advance!


liner problem

Postby LadyGamer » Fri 26 May, 2006 17:32

Hi. YES the liner WILL stretch. We are on our 3rd pool now..we are in the process of digging out (dishing out ) the center down to 6-feet...........when the liner first goes in, it will PULL the walls slightly inward. Put water SLOWLY in, and go around releasing tension on the liner a little at a time as it fills up. If it is WARM outside, then the liner should stretch just fine once the water gets up the wall. Don't freak out. It will work !

ok it just seems like so far to go...

Postby pint » Fri 26 May, 2006 18:01

Ok thanks for your advise, it just seemed funny that its only on the 2 sides of the pool that are the problem, but I wont freak out, at least not until the pool collapses LOL
Also freaks me out when things dont go according to the manuf instructions, they should say somewhere that not all liners will have seam half way up the cove lol
I have heard about the vacuum technique but I am assuming that the liner away from wall WAY TO MUCH for that to work.
Thanks Again for the reply!


Postby pint » Sat 27 May, 2006 15:56

OHOH I have been filling the pool with my well water since I live out os town and its my only choice, the water has finally got over the cove and is on the wall but looks as tho the water has pulled the liner down through the coping and I only have maybe 2 inches (with stretching) over the edge of the pool....I am not sure I am going to have enough liner to push it against the wall....Man I am about to give up! I wonder if the water against the bottom of the wall will stop the liner from slipping? WOW I am going to freak out soon!

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