Shearing where bolts connect pool wall

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Shearing where bolts connect pool wall

Postby lusigns » Thu 09 Apr, 2009 16:24

I have a floor drain as well as a skimmer in my above-ground pool. It appears the water in the bottom of pool was forced out through the bottom drain over the winter. I did my first inspection this spring and found the floor drain pipe was disconnected from the valve assembly and lying on the ground, below the water line. The lack of water in the pool likely forced the snow and ice to suddenly drop down to the bottom of the pool. I assume these two events forced the wall, where the two ends meet, to bend inwards and shear the metal at the bottom of the pool where bolts hold the wall together. The holes where the bolts would go have been sheared open.

I have no insurance to cover the damage. I'm assessing whether the pool is salvageable or not. The appears to be intact otherwise. I replaced the liner last summer. The wall integrity appears to be fine except that I have no water in the pool.

Is there a way to repair the damage?

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