Easy Set Pool and Larger Filter Pump

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Easy Set Pool and Larger Filter Pump

Postby LeBeck » Fri 26 May, 2006 17:27

Last summer I purchased an Intex Easy Set pool set from QualityInflatables.com. It was a 15 foot x 36 inch pool with an 800 gallon per hour cartridge pump. I carefully monitored the chlorine and pH of the water using a test kit and chemicals from the local pool supply store (Leslies).

Everything went very well and we had a great pool all summer, but toward the end of the summer algae took over in spite of my best efforts with algaecide and vacuuming the pool.

The person at the pool supply store said next time I should put a little algaecide in every week from the start of the summer, not just when the algae starts to become visible. So I am going to try that this year, but I also want to put a stronger pump on the pool.

Here are my questions:

(1) Has anyone else out there put a stronger pump on an Easy Set pool? If so, do you have any bits of wisdom you can offer from your experience? When I called Quality Inflatables, they recommended a pump that had a capacity of 2,500 gallons per hour or better.

(2) I tossed out the Easy Set pool from last season because it was pretty disgusting by the time I finally gave up battling the algae, and it had stretched out of shape due to a slight (very slight) leveling problem. But I saved the ladder, hoses, skimmer, leaf skimmer, vacuum and swim toys. Should I cleanse these objects with any sort of algicide before using them with the new pool? They don't look dirty, but I figure there must be dried bits of algae on the equipment.

If anyone else out there is an Easy Set pool afficionado, I would enjoy hearing whatever tips you've learned over the years. One thing I did last summer that worked well was to purchase a "real" pool vacuum from the local pool supply store (as opposed to the garden hose variety sold with the Intex pool) and I hooked it up directly to my filter pump with an additional piece of hose. It worked wonderfully. I am going to do the same again this year.


Replacing Easy Set stock pool pump

Postby mode_x » Thu 24 Aug, 2006 08:52

If you used your stock pump that came with the Intex Easy Set Pool, you had better luck than I did. My stock pump was horrible and I could not use it for my Easy Set Pool. I have the 18' x 48' model and I was forced to buy an aftermarket pump. Im glad I did because now I can go to work without fear of my pump cutting out on me and burning up. I talked to professionals all over the place and ended up buying the Hayward c225 model. It runs for about $250 and it works the same as the stock pump. Simple flow in, flow out pump with attached filter. This pump is super strong and you will see a huge difference in flow. YOU MUST USE THE HOSES THAT COME WITH THE HAYWARD PUMP however, the power is too strong for the hoses that come with the Intex pool and those hoses will 'clam up' under the pressure. My pool has two valves attached to it that cuts off the flow of water when needed. It has a "T" handle that goes up and down, if you have one of those with your pool then the hoses should fit perfect around those valves as mine did. Bring in a hose from your stock pump and go to a pool store to make sure you get hoses that fit for your new pump. And make sure you buy clamps that you can adjust with a screwdriver because the clamps that come with the Hayward are kind of cheap.

I wouldn't mine knowing what kind of vacuum system you bought for your pool becuase I plan on buying a new one for me.

I hope the info helped you.

Postby Guest » Tue 05 Sep, 2006 20:06

I've had a pool for a long time - and in my opinion algaecide is a waste of money. Keeping your chlorine at the correct level is the key. Monitoring the PH is next, and using PH plus or minus to adjust as needed.

Postby Pooldude » Mon 26 Feb, 2007 01:56

I know you said you looking to do the same again.

But you might be better off with a more permanent pool.

The only reason these simpleset pools been popular was cause they easier to set up and no restrictions from the towns last couple of years.

Now towns are looking to change that so that means you will still need a permit, it will need to be fenced off cause the highest I seen these pools are 48" which is below the 52" standard. So the advantages of the simpleset pools has kinda been taken away.

Intex Pool

Postby E.Collins » Thu 08 Nov, 2007 18:48

Okay....back in July, we erected a 4800-gallon Intex pool. Before it had even filled with well water, the water went green. It was algae. I had to shock it two times with (get this) 6 POUNDS of all-Chlor shock (That's a total of 12 pounds in all). Then, the water looked like grey-green milk. I bought tons of clarifiers. No help. I ordered a vacuum cleaner because the one they give you is an absolute joke. Got the vacuum. Dropped a flocculant. It at first appeared to be taing it up until I looked over at the return-it was spitting the dead algae back into the pool. I eventually had to buy a couple of extra vacuum hoses, a universal hose kit, and a roll of duct tape (to make the hoses fit). Dropped a flocculant again. Next day, I unhooked the return so that the water I vacuumed up went out into the yard. Took about 1 hour and 1500 gallons of water out of the pool, but the silty dead algae was gone. I bought some KLEEN POOL algaecide (very expensive, but a 1-time treatment and well worth the cost), refilled my pool, ran the filter for a day or two and the rest of the dead algae cleared out. Water was crystal-clear and not a bit of trouble with algae for the rest of the year!
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Postby Ickle » Mon 12 Nov, 2007 08:44

Id suggest an algaecide is very helpful to a new pool owner just to help them on there way, it can just help to keep the pool in better condition. When you use a clarifying floc, i would always suggest cleaning straight to waste, and if it is possible a simply syphon system would work to clean the silt. The other way to do it cheap and easy is to stir the water around gently to create a vortex like motion, which sucks the silt to the middle, then using a syphon or pump clean the centre of the pool to waste

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