Laars Lite 2 LD400 - Nothing Working

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Laars Lite 2 LD400 - Nothing Working

Postby krispr29 » Thu 16 Apr, 2009 10:28

Im not getting anything from this heater. Have changed the fuses and checked all electric going into the box and everything checks out. This heater looks like its been through the ringer. I just started this job as a Maint. Super and trying to figure out what was done, and what I need to do.

The temperature control looks like it got some heat up through there and melted it a little. And the other control panel looks like some of the plastic was melted as well. Im thinking these are probably bad, and if they are, would that be a cause of no power? I am thinking it is, but I just want to get some confirmation on my thoughts. I know those control parts are made for a certain heat, but it looks like a flame came up out of the burner and went up the side and melted some of the plastic. Its more contorted then anything else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And any tests that I can run to make sure the controls are working. Cheers.


Laars Lite 2 LD400 - Nothing Working

Postby jonboyuk » Thu 09 Jul, 2009 08:55

Hi there

I am not sure if my Laars heater is similar to yours Mine is a Laars Lits 2 LG but you should be able to work out whats not working by the process of elimination eg test each component with a multimeter. eg the temperature switch should either show continuity or not depending on where it is set on the thermostat

The same principal can be used for most other components such as the pressure switch that will switch the heater off if there is not enough pressure from the pump that pumps water through the heater and the best way would be to find a diagram of all the components that can switch the heater on or off and test each one in turn as if it will not go then it will usually be one of those components that is not switching in to create a continuity through the system as the components are all liked in series eg end to end and if one is not working then it breaks the circuit and stops the heater from working.

Obviously there are other components that cannot be tested by using a multimeter such as a faulty gas valve but the best way is to get a diagram of the heater showing all the components and sit down for half an hour and study the diagram and eventually things will frop into place and you will start to understand how it works.

I have just spent 4 hours repairing my heater which turned out to be a short in the ignitor wire that was making it spark where it is not meant to and 2 not enough pump pressure due to the pol filter being bloked up and it not creating enough back pressure to operate the swich in the heater. Upto that point I had visions of new expensive parts and thinking I would have to get a professional engineer in to have a look at it but now I have the heater going and also have a big smile on my face because it cost me nothing but a few hours of my time.

Good luck

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