UV light off on ozonator

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UV light off on ozonator

Postby Aquanut » Thu 16 Apr, 2009 19:54

The light on my Smartpure ozone generator is off. It appears that the bulb may have burned out. Where can I order another one? The local pool store isn't helpful and I refuse to go to the company that installed the pool. There service is awful to say the least. Please help.


UV light off on ozonator

Postby prgmec » Thu 28 May, 2009 09:59

Any luck with this -- we have the same issue. Our pool was manufactured by Blue Haven with a Smart system and includes an Oxidator/Ozonator. The UV light is off. The company we use for BH warranty does not service the ozonator so we are unsure how to get this repaired....we believe we just need a new UV bulb.

UV light off on ozonator

Postby marlilse » Tue 16 Jun, 2009 21:14

I have the same problem. They say it is around $750 to replace but that your pool will run ok without it. I am trying to find a cheaper version online but I guess they have it made for them. you would think that a $32,000 pool that is only 4 years old wouldnt be needing so many replacements already.
Bob Stephens-Doll

UV light off on ozonator

Postby Bob Stephens-Doll » Fri 11 Sep, 2009 22:54

I have had this problem for several years. That said, the actual manufacturer up in Canada is very nice, and the owner is named Barry. He helped me in the past. I think the problem may be incorrect wiring by the electrical subcontractor, not the unit itself.


09/2003: Blue Haven Pool installed Sept 2003
04/2004: In Spring of 2004 the Smart Pure failed and it was replaced completely under warranty. (lasted 7 months)
10/2004: In October of 2004, I noticed that the blue light was again out. (lasted 6 months)
I called BH and they said that sometimes it's finicky due to the temperature. I wasn't going to be using the pool during the winter, so I agreed to wait until the weather warmed up to see if the light would come back on.
05/2005: I first called again in May and left a message, then twice in June. My concern is that the wiring may have been bad, because the first unit only lasted a few months just like the second unit. I called Blue Haven Corporate, that said that the units last a long time, and they gave me the name of the actual manufacturer of the Smart Pure unit.

Water Quality Management

Barry Nelson

Blue Haven talked to Dana, and gave her the information:

Western Sales Rep

Then I called and actually talked to Barry, and he was very nice, and said that the bulb should last at least 3-4 years.

07/2005: He arranged for the bulb to be replaced, and the unit was again working.
02/2006: In the February of 2006, the bulb was again out, (lasted 7 months) and it’s been that way ever since.

I had given up on it, but it’s odd that each one lasted for almost exactly 7 months. Personally, I believe that the electrical wiring done by the electrical contractor may be bad. Could be the anode is wired to the cathode, etc.

In any case, I am trying to contact Barry again and see if I can get a bulb and the wiring schematics, and try one more time to get the SmartPure bulb to last more than 7 months.

Bob Stephens-Doll

UV light off on ozonator

Postby PoolPro » Sun 13 Sep, 2009 03:23

Forget about the ozonator. It is actually counterproductive in most situations. You are just wasting time and money.
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Swimming Pool Superstar
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UV light off on ozonator

Postby Me... » Mon 14 Sep, 2009 06:57

Ozonators are actually very useful but remember a few things.

Anything stating its a corona discharge (CD) ozone system NEEDS an air prep system. The high voltage combined with humid (and probably dirty) air will have terrible ozone production and will destroy itself quite fast if it did produce good quality ozone. You also can't buy a system like this and plunk it under your spa for 100 bucks.

Anything else is UV ozone or ozone produced with a bulb. These can use crappy air but drier air is better and clean air keeps everything .... cleaner .... and so it will work better, longer. These have lousy ozone production compared to corona discharge machines but can still be quite beneficial. Small output ones (1/8th gr. per hr.) aren't going to perform miracles on heavily used tub. Larger ones ( say 1gr. per hr.) will probably eat your cover if you just leave it (the cover or/and the generator) on endlessly. The Ozone will eventually chew up all the bad stuff in the water and when it has nothing else to do it will start in on your cover. Also water with a huge ozone dose in it being returned back through your equipment will do it no favors.

Tons more to know but it is really good stuff if used right.

UV light off on ozonator

Postby Lehecka » Tue 17 Jan, 2012 10:16

Sometimes in addition to the (2) UV lamp bulbs you need to replace the (2) ballast transformers as well;
you can find many UV Ozone replacement parts resellers on-line.

Installation "hints":

- the ozone unit should only be powered when there is sufficient flow to mix the ozone into the water,
i.e. when your circulation-filter pump is running
(with flow valves properly set to suction ozone into the water flow)
7-month bulb failures sound like your unit is powered on "all" the time (about 5,000=24*30*7 hours),
even when your circulation-filter pump is not running

- newer units have an air-ozone flow-meter and flow-regulator Options so they can be properly adjusted and checked that ozone is actually being suctioned into the water flow
- some older units were/are not properly installed - either air-ozone flow never properly checked with a flow-meter or improperly regulated

- with dual pool/spa systems and other systems with multiple adjustable drain/suction inlets varying flow rates if/when not properly installed/plumbed will result in either NO or too little ozone or too much air suctioned into the water flow

A Blue Haven/UltraPure Water Quality SmartPure SPP70 ozone unit which I looked at was wired to turn on when the circulation-filter pump was running, but it was pre-plumbed into the main pool drain suction line in an automated pool/spa set-up with a manual pool-skimmer versus main pool drains 3-way valve.

- if the automated pool/spa system was set to "spa", then the ozone unit was powered on,
but not plumbed so that any of the ozone generated got suctioned into the water flow
- if the manual pool-skimmer versus main pool drains 3-way valve was adjusted,
the main pool drains suction vacuum changed and thus the air-ozone flow changed
- The ozone generator SHOULD have been plumbed into the automated pool/spa system
AFTER the manual drain/skimmer valve and
AFTER the actuated pool/spa valve and
BEFORE the circulation-filter pump inlet.
- the pool/spa system SHOULD have an air-ozone flowmeter to properly regulate the suction-vacuum flow, because of varying flows/pressures:
(2-speed circulation-filter pump, pool versus spa, solar heater off versus on, ...)

Ozone is extremely reactive, even with itself:
(2)O3 Ozone recombining into (3)O2 Oxygen
within a few to several seconds.

So to be useful,
Ozone needs to be injected/suctioned into the water flow within a fraction of a second to a few seconds.

For new installations or retrofits/upgrades:
consider electro(cata)lytic ozone generators,
which generate ozone in-line with the water flow by salt-water electrolysis,
similar to salt-water pool chlorinators.

UV light off on ozonator

Postby Steve78748 » Tue 28 Feb, 2012 21:53

My Blue Haven Ozonator light has been out for a while now. I notice each time I open the automatic skimmer, it acts like it is not bringing in water as it should. Then when I close it, the water comes in and there are no air bubbles. Does anyone know of a way to disable the Ozonator? Seems like when I plug the fitting where the hose is going in with my finger, I can open up the skimmer and it works great. Just wondering if i can disable it and not use it. Doesn't seem to have ever done anything good, just cost me lots of money. Thanks.

UV light off on ozonator

Postby JPTX » Sun 27 Jul, 2014 12:01

Blue Haven service is the worst. Once they have your money and warranties expire they are done with you. I needed two bulbs for my ozonator. Local store charged me $220 for both. Found them online for $65 each. Same with the stupid LED bulbs. Have three in pool and spa and all broke shortly after 2 year warranty expired. They want $1300 to replace. Avoid any LED light manufactured by SAVI. Even BH doesn't use them anymore.

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