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No water in pool

Postby Mohawk » Mon 20 Apr, 2009 11:07

Hi all--I'm new to this forum and hope you can answer some questions. I have a 30' round pool that lost all of its water this spring. I just took off the cover and found a 4" horizontal rip near the bottom-probably from the melting ice. The liner is in it's 4th year and was wondering if I fixed the rip will the liner be ok to refill? The water is completely gone from the east end and about 2" on the west. The pool use to be level but 2 years ago I noticed it sinking on the west side due to either settling or moles. I think I heard somewhere that if all of the water is taken out of the pool it will ruin the liner--is this right? It looks ok except for some wrinkles on the west end. The temp here in MN has mostly been in the 50's-60's. Any help?

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