Salt Water Pool Inspection

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Salt Water Pool Inspection

Postby eric99gt » Tue 21 Apr, 2009 12:53

I've recently purchased a new home with a salt water pool. This is all new to me (SWP or standard pool) so be gentle when trying to explain something. I may be a bit slow. During the inspection process our pool inspector came up with a list of issues and then gave us some quotes on the work. I'm quite sure these individuals are just like any other service group and try to sell you some things you really don't need. That's why I come here. Any help with an explanation of what they are talking about and if it's actually needed would be greatly appreciated. Also on cost if that's possible. It's quite the long list so bear with me. Also I wonder how much of this I could actually take care of myself with just a bit of education.

1. Replace 1 skimmer basket (41.95)

2. Replace 1 pumpo basket and 2 pump lid o-rings (104.85)

3. Change Sand (357.95): Pool is about 5 years old. Not sure if the previous owners ever changed it.

4. Hook up cleaner suction line (72.95)

5. Service Multiport Valve (60): Mentions that valve is stiff

6. Replace Suction Side Auto Valve (478): Not working

7. Replace Ozonator Lamps (445): Lamps lit on ozonator

8. Adjust Salt (450)

9. Replace 3 tires, 1 bag (105.80)

10. Add table top controller (688.65)

11. Treat Algae in pool (225)

As you can see it's quite the long list. Many of these things I don't quite understand and I would rather someone explain them to me that doesn't have any interest in taking my money lol.

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Salt Water Pool Inspection

Postby Pooltech32 » Tue 21 Apr, 2009 19:49

sounds like the guy is trying to take advantage, get your pool balanced, that will take care of most of your issues, if you need help with algea check the forum they are some basics to follow. you generally do not need new sand every 5 years, nor do you need everything serviced. Are there any actual problems? maybe get a pool company to come and check it for you.

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